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Dewey Prestley Brown and Linda Rae were married in Arizona. Their first home was located on the desert near Cima, CA, with no telephone or electricity except that of a generator. Linda’s first toaster was made by an old cowboy, a coffee can with baling wire! Dewey grew up on ranches as a kid; Linda learned fast about ranch life and what was expected of a “ranch” wife.

After working on several outfits from Nevada to Arizona, the Brown’s packed up and moved to Bingham, NM in August, 1979. They lived at the old Bursum Ranch, now called the Mendiburu Ranch until they moved to the
Fite Ranch, December 2002.

The Brown’s have two sons and one really special granddaughter!.


Walter La Fayette Fite was born in Seymour, TX. Walter came to New Mexico with his parents in 1887. He and his wife Edna Bruton Fite homesteaded in La Luz, NM, near present day Alamogordo, NM. At the time, New Mexico was still a territory. A few years prior to Walter’s retirement, he owned and operated a gas and oil business at Magdalena, and it was during this period he was investing his money in a large cattle ranch southeast of Socorro. In the 1930’s, the Fite’s established the Fite Ranch after the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934, which ended “open range” country for anyone to graze livestock like sheep and cattle.

Walter and Edna’s son, William Dean Fite continued management of the ranch, which at one time stretched from the Rio Grande into the present day White Sands Missile Range. The White Sands Proving Grounds was established in 1942, taking with it part of the Fite Ranch. The world’s first atomic bomb was tested at Trinity Site on July 16, 1945, which led to the end of World War II. Dean married Evelyn Galon in 1937. Evelyn was born in Canada and came to the USA in 1922.

Evelyn and Dean lived in a train car (which can be seen at the main headquarters) at what is now called the #3 water, located approximately 14 miles south of the Bed & Breakfast. The current ranch headquarters is located at the old coal-mining town of Tokay. Dean and Evelyn ranched cattle here until his death in 1987. Still branding the cattle with F I T, the brand that Dean’s grandfather had used, Evelyn Fite continued the Fite Ranch operations until she sold it in 2002, after 64 years. Tragically before Thanksgiving 2001 a fire damaged the main house. Evelyn saved her boot collection and said we could rebuild and the ranch would be like a “Phoenix rising from the ashes.”

And so she was right! Welcome to the Fite Ranch Bed & Breakfast, which is dedicated to
Evelyn Fite, a woman of grace and perseverance!


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